If you're going to RENT anyway, why not add more... Safety and Security Knowledge Choice Piece of Mind to your experience.

Safety and Security

Renters might want to buy but aren't ready to commit and may not have enough savings together for a down payment. Buyers want to lock in future rent and purchase prices, so there are no surprises in the monthly cost.


The rent and purchase prices are locked in for each year of this five-year program, making planning for your future possible. There is no penalty or fee if you decide not to buy the home you are renting, and a low deposit equals one month's rent makes getting into your new home less painful.


Choose from homes for sale on the market, not just what is for rent currently in your area. You have more say in what you will end up making a decision on and get to test the fit out for the next five years.

Peace of Mind

In today's market, you will know that your landlord will not sell the house for the next five years. Allowing you to plan your future without worrying about moving before you are ready.

The Process

A deep dive into the process from start to finish.