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Light Renovations

Resident Request Forms

Your agent sends you the Resident Request Form during the property submission process for you to request paint, carpet, or appliances. Anything beyond the ‘Included Items’ on this list must be requested by you and approved by us before an offer is made to the seller.
We reserve the right to deny any request and do not replace appliances that are in working condition. Any costs associated with approved requests are added to the Right to Purchase
We recommend choosing a home with a refrigerator in good condition. If the seller does not leave this appliance, you have the option to purchase one at your own expense or request that we
provide one, adding to the Right to Purchase price.

We will not provide or maintain washers and dryers. If not included in the home sale, you can bring your own.

If a home does not have an oven/range or is not in working condition, we will install one, but the cost will not be added to the Right to Purchase price.


Make-Ready Cost

The Make-Ready Cost is a budget for anticipated repair items that may be uncovered during the property inspection or soon after you move in.
You will receive the estimated Make-Ready cost in our Anticipated Terms before we make an offer on the home.
This cost is an estimate because the amount is generated prior to inspecting the property’s condition. This estimate is based on our experience purchasing homes in the same market and adjusts based on the size, age, and location of the house.
The Make-Ready Cost is added to the Right to Purchase price, outlined in the Anticipated Terms.

Potential Make-Ready costs include:

  • Life-safety repairs
  • Asset preservation
  • Lock changes
  • Cleaning
  • One-time seasonal landscape cleaning
  • Pool start-up (where applicable)

Any additional improvements aside from standard Make-Ready items that we will complete prior to your move-in date must be specifically requested by you and approved by us before an offer is made on the home.


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