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Purchase the Home

The Purchase Process
Timeline to Closing

  1. Property Underwriting
    Your agent sends you the Resident Request Form.
    Your household completes it, and your agent submits it for review.
    We will notify you of our decision within 4-6 business hours.
  2. Offer Submission
    Your agent submits our cash offer. When the seller accepts, the
    home goes under contract.
    Your household reviews our Anticipated Terms before we will
    submit an offer. The Deposit and signed lease are due within two
    business days of going under contract.
  3. Home Inspection
    Your agent facilitates the inspection and will make sure all utilities
    are on.
    Your household should anticipate a 10-15 day inspection period
    that your agent will handle with us.
  4. Closing Day
    Your agent completes the final walk-through, submits photos,
    and lets us know where the keys are located.
    Your household moves in, on average, two weeks after closing.
  5. Make-Ready Period
    Pathlight completes necessary repairs and approved requests
    to ensure a safe and functional home.
    Your household receives an email that explains payments and what
    is needed before move-in.
  6. Move-in Day!
    Pathlight becomes your main point of contact and facilitates the
    move-in process.
    Your household receives a lock box code on the morning of
    move-in day.


The average time from property submission to move-in is typically 5-6 weeks. Situations outside of our control or certain conditions being satisfied, such as agreeing on purchase terms with the seller, a satisfactory inspection, rental license requirements, and other closing conditions, may cause delays.

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